Meet Alicia

Be a mover meet a shaker

tender hearted, a dreamer, and a maker.


Believer of things no words can explain

find beauty in the uncommon treasure the mundane.


Follow your heart and lose your mind

be a kindred spirit, be adventurous, be kind.


Live life full and savor much

your children's laughter your husbands touch.


Lug with no worries, no doubts, let go

Be a person of image, someone to know.


Seek the extrodinary, no way any less

find humor in the hard knocks, roll with the mess.


To simply be alive is just scratching the surface

find what ignites you and know your purpose. 


For life is just moments, so precious so few

whether valued or squandered is up to you.


So be bold, be great, love others, and give.

Follow your passions, above all, live!


-Always, Alicia


Hayden & Maddie

“Alicia is amazing! I wanted to give a special gift for a friend who was going to propose to his girlfriend. She worked with the groom to be to set up the perfect location and time to do engagement photos for them and the photos were absolutely stunning! Alicia is accommodating to the needs of her clients, has a phenomenal eye, and according to the newly engaged couple , extremely funny and personable .”

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