Alicia Alvey Photography | About

Cheerful, bright eyed, and creative me. I’m in love with love, laughter, and all things that make us flutter. My name is Alicia and I enjoy photography as much as I enjoy good food and great company. Specializing in Portraiture Photography, I strive to capture all of life’s most cherished moments - giving you the ability to share them with the world or simply among those closest to your heart.

I began photography at a very young age and grew up knowing I wanted to better understand the knowledge, history, and technique of it’s vast field.

I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara California, majoring in Portraiture Photography, and have continued to learn and grow my craft ever since. I truly enjoy listening to your ideas and helping you bring them to life so please, let your imagination run wild!

I reside in Gardnerville Nevada along with my better half and our two wonderful children. Meeting new people and establishing relationships that will last for years to come is very important to me. I'm only a call away, lets chat!